Students get to write a creative essay more than once wither in high-school or college. It is one of the most open-minded writing prompts which falls under narrative essays. Creative essays give the students freedom of self-expression. It also helps the students in extending their imaginative skills by coming up with new interpersonal ideas.

Topic and ideas of creative writing

These types of ideas need one to think out of the box and create a storyline that is relevant to the topic asked. You, therefore, have to think more creatively to tackle such topics and write an excellent essay.

Tips for Pre-writing a creative essay

  1. Selecting an appropriate topic/ subject

Before you start writing your essay, you should know of a theme which you want to base your piece on. One should not also pick an issue that he/she is vast with. You should select a new thing that will make you think abroad to come up with your ideas.

  1. Do some Research

It is important that you investigate the topic you have selected intensely to have a basic understanding of what you should write. In this stage, you can come across some important information and facts that will be helpful in your essay.

  1. Record ideas

You should always keep a log before writing the essay. Recording ideas will enhance their use to bring up an attractive story which will attract the attention of the readers.

  1. Write a rough draft

You should consider putting down the ideas chronologically to focus on the flow of the essay.


You should design a creative title after knowing what you are going to write about. You might consider factors such as quotes, the main idea of the essay and the assumptions of the story when coming up with the title. The title itself should be able to grab the attention of the readers.


The outline of a creative essay follows the standard essay structure. The essay should, therefore, consist of an introduction, body, and conclusion


You should consider setting up the plot of the story by describing the place, location or the time of the day and background of the current situation. Here is where you set the mood and flow of the story. The attention of the reader should be won at this stage.

Body paragraph

The plot and movement of the story are developed in the body paragraphs. You can also change the mood of the story in the body of the essay and even the tempo. It is therefore easy to catch the reader off guard in the body paragraph by creating a false confrontation.


This is where you need to sup up things and come up with a resolution. You can also use cliffhangers to end your story where the reader is left with a lot of suspense by not finishing the story. The readers will want to know what happened next after you end the story.


You will have to read the whole text and ensuring that the tempo of the story is okay and also correct the grammar and punctuation mistakes that might exist.  You can also have another peer to proofread your story and tell you what you need to do to improve it.

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