Many students find the task of writing an essay so overwhelming due to various factors such as lack of enough skills to go through the essays, lack of time and lack of ideas. Drafting a successful essay might, therefore, entail following some processes simultaneously regardless of the purpose of the essay. The seven tips include:

  1. Pick a topic

Essays always have topics which a student or a writer might select from a list or be assigned. Assigned topics ease the work as the scholar will not have to think much in topic selection. However, in topic selection, as a scholar, you should consider some factors such as thinking about your life, your interests among other factors when choosing a suitable topic that you have a great understanding of.

  1. Prepare an outline (diagram of your ideas)

For you to write an essay successfully, you must consider organizing your ideas and thoughts by putting them down on a paper. It will, therefore, give you an easy time linking the ideas and the argument. The outline also acts as a foundation of the paper. An outline can also be drawn practically by writing the topic in the middle of the paper and drawing five lines protruding at different angles and writing the ideas on them.

  1. Write your thesis statement

The thesis statement is appropriate to tell the reader the main point of the essay. It is always written as the last sentence of the introduction. The thesis statement should have two parts including the topic statement and the point of the essay. The thesis statement, therefore, should be supported throughout the essay and it acts as the guide of the contents of the essay.

  1. Write the introduction

Every academic essay must always have an introduction. It serves as the attention grabber of the reader, therefore, should be written appropriately to attract the attention of the reader. Some of the attention grabbers that can be used in the introduction are shocking information, story, dialogues or quotes.

  1. Write the body of the essay

The body of the essay is the most important part where you are required to write arguments that describe the topic. The ideas written on the outline should be expanded in the body of the paper using different paragraphs for each idea. The body should also consist of paragraphs that have the same structure beginning with the main idea and supporting statements.

  1. Write the conclusion

The conclusion is written to sum up the overall ideas. The final perspective of the topic is also provided within the conclusion. It, therefore, should consist of three strong sentences.

  1. Adding the finishing touches

One should pay attention to small details after writing the conclusion. In this stage, you should check the order of your paragraphs, review the instructions of the essay and check if you have followed them. Read the paper and check if it makes sense and also for the small grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Considering all these factors, an essay should be excellent and successful

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